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Buying Your Dream Home

Buy your dream home in three easy stages

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Stage One

Determine your needs for your next home.

  • Determine your buying budget ($$).

  • What neighborhood would you like to live in?

  • Community living or Condo life?

  • What is your minimum number of beds and baths?

  • Do you need a backyard for pets or children?

  • What is your ideal moving date?

  • Do you have a home to sell as well?

  • Are you pre-approved for a mortgage?

First time buying? Click to download our
real estate terminology guide!

Stage Two

Hire a Professional REALTOR® (preferably me).

All jokes aside... in stage two this is where you determine the Real Estate Professional you'd like to work with. Speak with your friends and family, interview local agents and figure out who matches best with your vision and personality!


Some things to consider when choosing your REALTOR®:

  • Their local expertise

  • Their education, experience & licensing

  • Their energy, enthusiasm & commitment to your home buying goals

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Stage Three

Start Shopping!

Once you've determined where you're going and who you're going with, it's time to start shopping!

Some things to consider when shopping for your next home: 

  • Try and be flexible with your schedule. Homes sell quickly & there may not be time to spare. 

  • Be honest with your agent. If it's not the one for you, let them know and let them know why, so they can continue to refine your search. 

  • Be patient. The process takes time and you may have to offer on more than one property before you are successful. 

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