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Do what brings you joy!

I felt the need to say something today, I don’t know why today however, I do feel compelled to share what I am feeling. Maybe others are feeling the same way or even just one person needs to hear my thoughts so I decided to be bold and step out of my comfort zone and just share.

This has been a weird time and difficult time, for everyone. Period, that is really a full stop sentence. Nothing more needs to be said. We have all experienced the pandemic through our own lens and perspectives. I don’t however believe there is anyone who can either say they haven’t been impacted or it hasn’t been difficult.

For me the one and only way I have kept my mental health in check is to do something, anything that feels remotely normal. For me that is working. I literally get up everyday, dress like I am going to an office, style my hair and put on my lipstick. That is my “game face”. If I sit in my office for 8 hours and do anything that feels productive then I don’t have to think about how scary the world is and what is going on around me. I am grateful that I have a career that has been deemed “essential”. People still have to move, even though there is a crisis going on. People are still having martial status changes (arguably more due to the stress of the pandemic), financial ability changes (again, arguably more) and have had to make moves for job or family reasons. I am grateful that I am in a profession where I can guide people through those difficult times and help them make the necessary transitions.

As for my personal time, my family and I have been focusing on physical fitness and health. My husband and daughter are incredible inspirations for their commitment to fitness. They get up at 5:00 am every day to exercise together and although I also get up early for some time on the treadmill as well, their choice of fitness regime is far more intense than mine. We are eating better and our dog, Piper, has never been walked as much as she has this year.

Our social circle (like everyones) has gotten smaller however the lesson I have also taken from that is that when required to do so, who do you choose to spend your time with and share your life with? I only have space and room in my life for people who bring joy and positivity and had to select carefully who is in our “bubble”. I think that is a lesson I am going to carry forward, even in a post-Covid world.

Suffice to say, I don’t have all the answers, I just have thoughts and lessons. Todays are just work hard, play hard and do what brings your joy!

Be well my friend!

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