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Refined Magazine Article: Stage One Real Estate

For Shari Doherty, a perfect home sets the stage for the story of your life.

“My personal belief system is everything comes from the roots of your family and that family is absolutely everything,” says Doherty, a REALTOR® based here in the Limestone City. “To me, ‘home’ has to be a safe place at the end of the day you want to land; somewhere safe. No matter what's happened in your day, you want to know you're coming home to your comfortable, safe, happy home where there are people who love you and are going to lift you up and support you in any circumstance."

After a lengthy career in the insurance industry, and with years of experience in customer service, Doherty embraced the opportunity for change when it was presented to her, knowing in her heart that something else had been calling to her for as long as she could remember. “After 50,” she says, “I was given a chance to start over. To pursue my dreams.”

That dream was beginning a career in real estate; being an integral part of one of the biggest purchases or sales of a person’s life. As a wife and mother of two grown children, she has built her business on the belief that a comfortable and happy home serves as the foundation of ones life.

“In real estate, people are making on of the most important decisions of their lifetime and likely their largest single purchase,” she says. “Seeing somebody's eyes light up and seeing them excited when they start to visualize themselves and their family in the home is really heartwarming.”

For her, it’s not simply about a sale. Rather, it’s about ensuring each client - whether they’re setting out on their own for the very first time, expecting an addition to the family, or downsizing now that their children have grown - aren’t just content with their new space, but are excited about it.

“I've literally told people not to buy a house...but I don't know if that makes me a good real estate agent or not,” she says laughing, recounting a story with a recent client. “We left this house, and she told me to put in an offer, but I could see she just wasn't excited about it. I told her that her heart was not in the house, so I didn't want to see her in it.”

And so, no offer was submitted; Doherty was looking for the sparkle in her client’s eyes; the look that clearly said, “This feels like home.”

“I wanted to see her light up. I wanted to see her excited thinking about her children being there.”

And it’s like that with each client she works with; perhaps it simply harkens back to her nature. Actively involved within the community, Doherty is known throughout the community for her kind and compassionate nature. She sits on a variety of boards and volunteers her time for a number of causes. She prides herself on building positive relationships, and providing honest service that people can rely on and trust.

“You only buy a house once, twice, or maybe three times in your lifetime,” she says. “It's not just enough to be “okay” at this job; I want to build a trusted advisor relationship with my clients. I think that it should be a time you remember forever, in a really positive way.”

Whether you’re buying or selling, Doherty will show you the way home with first-class service and the promise to deliver customer-focused results.

“I'm excited every day when I wake up,” says Doherty. “I'm learning something new, I'm having different experiences and meeting new people and hearing about their lives. I love knowing I’m helping them in an exciting time in their life.”

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