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When to hire a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES®)

My parents lived in our family home for 45 years. It was my Father’s pride and joy, the fact that he, a man that came from no money and was considered “just a mailman” (his words) could purchase a home, raise two children, work as a letter carrier for 35 years and eventually pay that house off meant everything to him.

Unfortunately, time and life weren’t easy for him and in his late 60’s he moved into an assisted living facility and in his mid 70’s he passed away.

My Mother stayed in the family home for at least 10 years on her own but in her own advancing age and with both her children living in different cities maintaining the home that had been the foundation for our family just became too much.

The question for her however became, how do I even begin to think about closing this chapter of my life and selling the only home she had ever known with her family? Who could she turn to and who could she trust with her life’s biggest asset and the biggest legacy her husband had left?

For her being in Toronto during a booming real estate market made the sale of her humble home quite quick and lucrative. However, she relied heavily on the guidance and advice of my Sister and I, who had both been through several real estate transactions during our adult lives.

This left me wondering though when I became a real estate agent about people in her situation who don’t have such a strong support network nearby and don’t even know where to begin.

After doing some research I learned that there is a professional designation called a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) and I made it my mission to ensure I earned this designation and would be well positioned to help people like my Mother through this intimidating and complicated time in their lives. The SRES® program ensures participants master the knowledge, understanding and empathy for 50+ real estate customers and clients.

Even as I approached 50 my husband and I had begun contemplating retirement and downsizing. There is so much to consider both financially and in terms of future housing options.

So if you as well are considering downsizing or assisting aging parents with their next chapter, be sure to consult an SRES®.

Housing options for 50+ communities include:

Independent Living

- Aging in place

- Active adult communities

- Seniors only apartments

- Garden suites

- Shared housing

- Independent support living

Assisted Living

- Assisted living

Continuing Care

- Continuing care retirement communities

- Life care

Care Facilities

- Board and care

- Nursing home

- Short term, respite

- Hospice

Once you have determined the next best living arrangements for yourself or your parents, you’ll also need to sell the current home with a professional Realtor®. My commitment as both an SRES® and an experience Realtor® is to walk you through this process step by step, at your pace and with the respect, dignity and professionalism you and your family deserve.

When it is time for the next chapter in your families life, I am here for you.

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